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At ItCognify, we have a special interest in solving problems for the greater good, including limiting our client's environmental footprint, reducing crime as well as making healthcare and education accessible to all. We believe that computer vision is an immensely powerful technology that can be used to solve these real-world problems.

We collaborate with partners to gain a deep understanding of their core challenges in order to build robust, cost-effective products. These solutions enable our partners to harness cutting-edge technology to scale their business, while presenting exciting investment opportunities.

Computer Vision

In a nutshell, Computer Vision is the art of automatically extracting value from images or video, be it from the visible spectrum, infrared, x-ray or sonar.

Computer Vision has many applications, ranging from analyzing human behaviour in videos, classifying animal species from images, identifying abnormalities in medical imagery, or counting cells under a microscope, to name a few. Below are some more exciting videos of more computer vision examples.



Harmful algal blooms (colloquially known as red tide) are increasing in frequency due to global warming. Such blooms can lead to devastating losses to aquaculture farmers globally, if not detected early on. ItBlooms is transforming aquaculture through early detection and localised identification of harmful algal blooms.


Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a global problem, with women in developing countries being the most affected. Often, patients spend hours in long queues, only to be told to come back another day, which means another day without pay for most. CloudSound is transforming ultrasound-based medical diagnostics by providing AI-based diagnosis on a mobile smartphone.


In order to ensure that their child receives the best possible education, parents often apply to multiple schools for admission. In South African public schools, that means having to stand in long queues for hours at each school. Even worse, applying to more than one school does not guarantee a place at all. AdmIt ensures that each child receives an education.

Meet the team

George Farmer

Founder and CEO

George, the founder, was a founder and an executive director of Praelexis (Pty) Ltd, the first black-owned and managed artificial intelligence company in South Africa. He was also part of the negotiation team that sold 33% of the equity in Praelexis (Pty) Ltd to Capitec Bank Ltd.

Ruan van der Merwe

Chief Operating Officer

Ruan is a practising attorney and notary public who has served on the boards of various companies operating in the property and private equity investment industries. His experience includes being the chief legal officer at an artificial intelligence company.

Dr Daniek Brink

Chief Scientific Officer

Daniek is an experienced Machine Learning engineer with a passion for Computer Vision. She has a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering and she has guided numerous data science teams towards success.

Stuart Redpath

Chief Technical Officer

Stuart is an experienced software engineer having held various leadership positions. His background spans across product development, machine learning, and software design.

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